We specialise in marine electronics products for the leisure user. Built in the UK, we have 20 years experience in providing software and hardware solutions for a variety of industries and our marine electronics range leverages our extensive experience to deliver products that do exactly what it says on the tin!

Our “YachtWatch” monitor gives you peace of mind that your boat is exactly where you left it, and everything on board is how it should be.

The most complete and fully featured product on the market today, YachtWatch monitors your boats GPS position, bilge status (including bilge pump running times) and a high water level alarm make sure that if somethign starts to go wrong, you and the marina can be alerted promptly. Additional inputs can be configured for alarm monitoring. The alarm inputs can be connected to door switches or movement detectors, and relay outputs can be used to remotely switch any services on the, remotely from your phone.

With our Android and iOS apps, you have complete peace of mind that your boat is safe, and when you come to use it, is ready to go.

Mutiple alert options allow you to be notified if something isn’t right. The unit can also monitor battery voltage across up to 3 sets of batteries, temperature and even fuel and water tank levels if needed. You can be sure that when you go down to the boat to use it, you won’t be suprised by finding a flat battery.